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Birth is a life changing event; My goal is to help you live this new stage with as much serenity as possible.  In my role, you can count on me to help you before and after childbirth.

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Who I am


My name is Victor. I am a midwife and homeopath. 
Trained in Porto, I have been living in Lausanne since 2012.  I offer you my services as an independent midwife and  homeopath in the Lausanne conurbation.

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My services

Couple expectative


The monitoring of physiological pregnancy is part of the skills of midwives and is reimbursed by insurance (up to 7 consultations).
The follow-up of the pregnancy at risk is also possible, under medical order and in collaboration with the doctor.


For your convenience, I offer theoretical-practical courses at home, individually.  YOU choose your favorite themes  between: childbirth/analgia, breastfeeding/difficulties, baby care and sexuality, stem cells. 

A flat rate of 150chf is reimbursed by the LaMal  and some add-ons support variable values.

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Soins infirmiers du nouveau-né


Breastfeeding is the best thing a mother can give her child. But it can happen that this process is difficult or even impossible.
The LaMal covers breastfeeding assistance for 56 days postpartum (included in postpartum visits) and after that you are entitled to 3 more visits until weaning.


The return home is sometimes fraught with questions. There are the postpartum blues, breastfeeding, a whole new way of organizing your life... Home visits after childbirth are taken care of by midwives exactly to help you with this adaptation.
LaMal fully supports them within 8 weeks postpartum.

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Bouteilles de l'homéopathie Globules


Pregnancy, newborns... It's not easy to find compatible treatments without side effects.  Homeopathy can be a good solution, I would be happy to help you.

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Vitor is a listening person, very responsive and always gives good advice. It allowed us to experience the arrival of our son with serenity.
His humor is one of his many qualities and does a lot of good during this very special time for young parents. We blindly recommend it to everyone.
Thank you for everything!

Sophie F.

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076 67 200 76

Thank you for what you sent !

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Here are some of my Insta posts but find all my real and direct by following @victor.sagefemme

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